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Religious beliefs pakistan was formed as an islamic nation, and islam continues to be the religion of approximately 95 percent of the population there are also. Pakistan represents one of the worst situations in the world for religious freedom for countries not currently designated by the us government as countries of. Pakistan's three main parties all stress devotion to islam, but the new religious parties portray them - especially the pml-n - as leading pakistan down a western-inspired path away from the. Commemorating the india/pakistan partition and the religious aspects of the ongoing conflict.

Pakistan table of contents about 97 percent of all pakistanis are muslims official documentation states that sunni muslims constitute 77 percent of the population and that adherents of shia islam make up an additional 20 percent. Islam is the official religion of the islamic republic of pakistan in the 1998 census, it found 96% of the total population were muslims , and in 2007 at 96% ( sunni 76%, shi'a 20%. In pakistan five languages are mainly spoken religious diversity threatens the unity of the different nations in south asia because religion defines people's.

Pakistan 2014 international religious freedom report executive summary the constitution establishes islam as the state religion, and it requires that laws be. In pakistan, icrd implemented a pilot research study with input from over 40 scholars, civil society activists, and conservative religious actors icrd's 2016 report, countering violent religious extremism in pakistan, summarizes the myriad of cve strategies that have been employed or promoted in recent years, and provides guidance for. Pakistan bureau of statistics statistics house, 21-mauve area, g-9/1, islamabad, pakistan e-mail: [email protected]@pbsgovpk. Religion the mughal rulers were pretty tolerant of other beliefs and hence their reign is deemed fairly secular nevertheless, islam spread far and wide by leaps and bounds in this era, not due to the efforts of the state but merely because of the sufis and mystics.

Hindus comprise approximately 185% of pakistan's population hinduism is the second largest religion in pakistan after islam as of 2010, pakistan had the fifth largest hindu population in the world and pew predicts that by 2050 pakistan will have the fourth largest hindu population in the world. The state religion in pakistan is islam, which is practiced by about 95-98% of the 195,343,000 people of the nation the remaining 2-5% practice christianity. Religion and political conflict in south asia: india, pakistan, and sri lanka (contributions to the study of education) [douglas allen] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers one of the most dramatic and surprising developments of the last twenty years was the proliferation of aggressive political movements linked to religion. The main religion of pakistan is islam, with around 95 percent of the population identifying as muslim islam is recognised as the country's official religion by the government islam is divided into two main branches: sunni and shia in pakistan, sunni islam is practiced by 70 to 75 percent of the.

Pakistan's citizens must now declare their religion when applying for identity documents, or if they want to work in government or register to vote, islamabad's high court ruled this month. The constitution of the islamic republic of pakistan contents 1 the republic and its territories 2 islam to be state religion 2a the objectives resolution to form part of substantive provisions. Lahore, pakistan (reuters) - pakistani cleric hafiz saeed is one of the united states' most-wanted terrorist suspects, accused over the 2008 mumbai attacks that killed 166 people at home, his. Media in category religion in pakistan the following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. (in percent) administrative muslim christian hindu qadiani scheduled others unit (jati) (ahmadi) castes pakistan 9628 159 160 022 025 007.

Pakistan, the 36th largest country in the world spans a land area of 881,913 km2 and has a coastline measuring 1,046 km along the arabian sea and the gulf of oman islam is the state religion and main religion of pakistan, observed by 9603% of the population in fact, pakistan is the only country. A brief history pakistan, along with parts of western india, contains the archeological remains of an urban civilization dating back 4,500 years. View detailed information on pakistan including data on religious adherents, religious freedoms, demographics, and other social measures compare pakistan to other nations using the compare tool. In 1993 the supreme court of pakistan heard a case by a number of ahmadis who asserted that they were being deprived of their religious rights and freedoms, as guaranteed under article 20 of the constitution the appeal was rejected.

  • Facts and statistics about the religions of pakistan updated as of 2018.
  • Yes saniya m ali's answer provides jinnah's quotes where he seems to want a secular state however, the religious extremists in pakistan are able to provide several other quotes where jinnah states clearly that pakistan would be a religious, is.

Religion muslim is the official religion of pakistan and about 95% of the population adheres to this faith of the muslims, over three quarters are sunni muslim. Yet, politically and culturally, pakistan has struggled to define itself established as a parliamentary democracy that espoused secular ideas, the country has experienced repeated military coups, and religion—that is to say, adherence to the values of sunni islam—has increasingly become a standard by which political leaders are measured. Gallup pakistan, the pakistani affiliate of gallup international, is a leading survey research agency and an emerging social science research lab in pakistan gallup pakistan is a specialist in independent third party evaluation and ratings. Zia-ul-haque and the proliferation of religion in pakistan jamal shah abstract though pakistan is the result of an islamic movement in undivided india, islam was.

religion pakistan Pakistan election 2018: how major players have brought religion back to centrestage pakistan is set to elect its third consecutive civilian government in wednesday's parliamentary elections. religion pakistan Pakistan election 2018: how major players have brought religion back to centrestage pakistan is set to elect its third consecutive civilian government in wednesday's parliamentary elections. religion pakistan Pakistan election 2018: how major players have brought religion back to centrestage pakistan is set to elect its third consecutive civilian government in wednesday's parliamentary elections.
Religion pakistan
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